The Journey Begins

Introductions can honestly be so hyped up. I have sat on writing this intro and starting a blog for a hot minute.

Okay, for more than a hot minute. More like a hot week…or two?!

Writing in a journal is one thing but I wanted to step it up and share my writing to the world. My thoughts. Feelings. Rants. Vents. Whatever that comes to mind. Every now and then I am known to write a poem or two…or three. 

Sharing is never an easy thing but I am hoping this has a touch of a therapeutic vibe. This past year has been exhausting at base. I have never been a fan of those people who always have that repetitive of positive, positive, positive. Not that if it’s your thing, I’m against it but it just isn’t me. It isn’t my vibe nor my style. I am realist. I see the good and the bad. I think you can have the positivity but be prepared. The bad makes you accept and relish in those positive, happy moments when they do happen. 

I have amazingly grown up so much in this past year which I will delve into through out this blog. I’m not sure when but at some point. Right now going through and rehashing everything includes a little bit of happiness, sadness and the required heartbreak, if anything. What I have learned this past year is that you can hit the ground as hard as can be and it really matters who stays to help pick up the pieces or those who just walk away. 

I’ve gone through being honest with myself and acknowledging who I am – which has NOT been easy. For a moment, I was afraid I would loose all friends and family in being honest with myself. And to some, I did lose them. But those who walk away, that is strictly their loss. 

I’ve grown with my career and education and finally achieved my Master’s degree. 

But I have also lost…I was fortunate to have a wonderful, amazing Grandpa who was always supportive and honest and wisecracking and my family lost him to lung cancer in July 2018. 

So, as a quick recap – you’ll be treated to everything here. Some good, some bad. Some horribly written poetry that you may or may not like. 

Enjoy and welcome!

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