Poem – Carry Your Light

Every now and then I just might get the urge to write and see what happens, what comes out. Just a close my eyes and free write sort of thing. Maybe the good comes out, maybe feelings or the junk gets processed. I really don’t know. Maybe it will help and maybe it will actually be decent poetry. I don’t have an intent to rhyme or make it pretty – I write the truth and whatever feels the need to come out, just does.

It’s been an exhausting day. One where you realize that life really is that short. Forgiveness should happen. The ability to let go, should as well. Don’t hold grudges. Laugh as much as you can. And the little things, are really the little things. Live in the moment every single change that you can get.


Be the light

Shining ever so strongly

So brightly

Be the shine that you wish

To see in this world

In this universe

You are the universe

The amazingly brilliant bright light

That shines onto others

That reaches out to others

A shining light that guides

And carries 

So many others onto their path

And their journey

Shine as bright as you can

Never dull

Never burn out

Do as you dream you would

Wherever those dreams carry you

Carry your light


Copyright – Courtney Schaffer, 2018

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