Poem – The Lovely Violet

I see it in your face

The twinkle in your eyes

I have let you down

There is no surprise

Being what you fear

But who in the world

Would ever believe?

Or ever have the heart to admit

When they have deceived?

To tell

To say

The true thought

My Violet, you are right

With the strength you have fought

The future, you see, whenever you will go

You are best when you smile

It is that, I wish you would know

Letting go of you

Or the vision of what I saw

It makes this life, my Violet

Bittersweet in my call

You radiate and glow

Unfazed by your wrath

Let go of the lies, let it show

On your new path

Let it be kind in all that you do

Violet, it is too late

You were never listening

Were you ever you?


Copyright – Court S, 2018

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