Courage & Fear

Wednesday. The middle of the week – we’re halfway to the weekend! Or in my case, not that I am bragging TOO much but I have been lucky enough to have the week off until tomorrow. I rarely take time off. Unless it is life or death then it just does not happen for me.

Maybe it means I am a control freak or just like work. Who knows?!

Anyways. In my hours of time off I grew bored somewhere along the line and happened along Pinterest. Spending time pinning recipes or positive quotes or even clothes because I get a little bit vain is a fabulous way to pass the time. Let’s be honest here. The above image is one I found and just clicked with me. It stuck with me for a day and a half now and it has to the one of the simplest images or quotes I have seen yet.

Inhale courage. Exhale fear.

It means so much if you really think about it.

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