The Rambler – A Late Night Post

Here’s where I’m at, for the most part. I am still down due to the sinus infection and endo flare up. Endo flare ups are like…the absolute worse thing ever. The only thing that helps is sleep and a heating pad. The good thing is I have a new doc appt in two weeks so it’s just holding out for that countdown. 

Between feeling icky and work, I am fairly occupied. My writing has taken a back seat at this time just because I’m not feeling the greatest. This evening is the first evening I have a decent amount of energy and feel alright. 

My mind has been a whirlwind of thoughts lately in relations to life and death. Mainly because it’s been around me with relatives and illnesses. It’s made me realize and question my own mortality, my own being here. Our paths, our journeys, whatever we each wish to call it that we are on….whether it be misdirected or misguided or straight as an arrow or one with nothing but curveballs. I’ve thought a lot about what matters, what is important, what counts. 

I have come to this – 

I am thankful for who is in my life right now and those who I have been grateful enough to spend time with before they passed. I am grateful for the time spent with my grandfather. I am grateful for time spent with those who matter. Family and friends, those closest and nearest and dearest to my heart. 

There’s a few –

I am grateful you taught me lessons. You taught me how to get off of my feet when you cause hurt and pain. You taught me how to be resilient and find strength in my voice when you made me doubt it. Other than that, I do not care. I don’t care what happens to you, what life throws your way or how you end up. I have cut that off as far and much as I can. 

Enjoy your evening, I’ll be sharing poetry later this week.

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