Poem – Highest of Thrones

Does it make you feel good?

Sitting on your throne up high

Glaring, staring

At the little, scurrying people below

Who jump and flinch at your beck and call?

At your every whisper

At every order


Does it make you happy?

Lies to so many

With an infinity of faces

And masks to each that you meet

Their perfect name

Or the greed that the have

Influences your heart, your mind, your actions

Does it make you proud?

How you destroy

Everything you touch

Belittling the impressionable

The kind hearted, honest

Breaking them to nothing

To shattered pieced

Of non-existences

Wishing themselves away

To make yourself feel better

Do you sleep in peace?

With actions playing on repeat

In your mind

The words you have spewed

For years

Will come back to haunt you


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