Sunday Reminder


I will be honest, I pinterest-ed this until I found the above and it really sums it up today. I have used my poetry and my writing to process what I go through and I am so very thankful for it but I am starting to curb the anxiety and the stress. I want to focus on the grateful and the happy. The thankful and the positive. I have to live my best life focusing on one day at a time, not focusing or stressing on the week ahead or conversations that have yet to happen.

Enjoy your Sunday. Go out there and live in that moment, make that memory.


Poetry – Reaching

Reaching for what is not there

Reaching out

Being turned away

Denied and misguided

You are gone

And I cannot grasp

What I cannot understand

Unable to stay

And unwilling to leave

In search for something

You cannot give 

In search of happiness

That you never had

That is devoid 

Of who you are

Longing for pain

To cease

The road to be covered

I am alone

Craving to be lost

In search of what I need

Fearing to wither and lose

Free of the guilt that has been there

To be found again

Poem – Highest of Thrones

Does it make you feel good?

Sitting on your throne up high

Glaring, staring

At the little, scurrying people below

Who jump and flinch at your beck and call?

At your every whisper

At every order


Does it make you happy?

Lies to so many

With an infinity of faces

And masks to each that you meet

Their perfect name

Or the greed that the have

Influences your heart, your mind, your actions

Does it make you proud?

How you destroy

Everything you touch

Belittling the impressionable

The kind hearted, honest

Breaking them to nothing

To shattered pieced

Of non-existences

Wishing themselves away

To make yourself feel better

Do you sleep in peace?

With actions playing on repeat

In your mind

The words you have spewed

For years

Will come back to haunt you


Poem – Barefoot & Rain

Barefoot, calm, still

All is quiet

While I wait


For the rain to fall, to come down on me

In large, unending drops



Feeling nothing but alive

As the winds pick up

And I plant my barefoot

Readying for the storm

With the lighting cracks

And the thunder rolling

Closer to me

Poem – Glass Heart

I write because I have hopes


Shiny, happy, perfect dreams

Of places

I have been before

Where my heart belongs

When times get rough

Where it sings


When I feel like I am me

Without a fault

Without a fear

Metallic glass skyscrapers

Tall brownstones

Twinkling star wishing lights

Flashing of neon

Yellow taxis

Let me be me

To disappear with the crowd

Poem – Afraid



Running from the unknown

Running from anything


Being fearful

Out of breath, gasping


Confused, needing air

Branches snapping beneath my feet

Trying to grab

Onto anything to hold

To catch me

Within my reach

Wanting to see what is chasing

Following and tracking

Unable to stop

Poem – Life by the Reins

Nobody tells you when to stand on your own

On your own two feet

To stand tall

To be proud of you

Nobody tells you when to take charge

When to take life by those reins

When to keep the words to yourself

Or speak them out loud

Nobody tells you to quiet your voice

Or to find it

To raise it when you need to

It continues every day

There will never be any peace

Nobody tells you when you will fall

Without warning

Wishing provocation

The blackness to rock bottom

Or when to stand up again

Nobody but you


Copyright – CLS, 2019

Poem – Carry On


Carry on

Just as you are

Just as you always – will be

Carry on

Without apologies or resentment

Make no changes

No pause

Or mistakes

Hold your head as high as you can

Expect all of what you do

To repeat

Makes no difference

No matter 

To me


Copyright – CLS, 2019

Poem – Reasoning

There is always a reason to live

A reason to not give up

A reason to wake and to struggle

To survive

A reason to fight and win

A reason to wake up each day

To see the light

To feel it inside

The pounding of your heat never ceases

The life coursing through your veins

The thoughts echoing in your head

The reason to keep going instead


Copyright – CLS, 2019